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Advantages Of Hiring A Private Nurse For Your Home Care Needs

As a leading Home Care Company in La Mesa California, we are proud to provide our clients with the highest standards of nursing care services. From Registered Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, to Licensed Vocational Nurses, our nurses dedicate their time and expertise to provide the care that you need at home. Here are some reasons … Continue reading

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Foods That Keep Bones in Great Shape

We all know that our bones become brittle when we age. Once we reach the age of sixty, we start feeling changes in our bodies. These changes add to the risk of getting accidents or diseases which affect our skeletal system. Yes, they are inevitable. Nonetheless, we are not left with no choice. We can … Continue reading

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What triggers geriatric depression?

Many have died due to depression. Surprisingly, a big fraction of this suicide cases is due to geriatric depression. For this reason, experts have started advocating the mental and emotional health of the elderly to decrease the number of suicidal cases among the senior citizens. Geriatric depression is both a mental and emotional disorder which … Continue reading

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What to Expect From Ventilator Use?

In the past, the use of ventilator has been a specialized function that only clinical experts such as nurses or respiratory therapist in the hospital can perform. Now, the tides have changed and there are physicians that are allowing their patients to be on a ventilator while at home, most Home Care Company in La … Continue reading

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A Closer Look at Athletic Trainers

Who are the athletic trainers? Most parents surely are naive about the job description of these professionals, but did you know that these professionals are also part of any medical team? These certified trainers are adept at dealing with any types of sports injuries because of their comprehensive knowledge in the field. Now, with the … Continue reading

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