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How to Care for Seniors with Severe Alzheimer’s

Severe Alzheimer’s is the final stage of the disease. The dementia symptoms might affect the memory, mobility, communication, and mental skills of the person. To address the condition, you have to find ways on how to deliver care or find a reliable San Diego Alzheimer’s care provider to help you with your loved one’s healthcare … Continue reading

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Ideal Games for Senior Loved Ones with Dementia

While dementia has no cure yet, it can be managed effectively. With the assistance of a home care company, you can help manage their symptoms and enable them to live a high quality of life. Another way you can do so is by playing games. Games are essential tools to keep them engaged and happily … Continue reading

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Gardening Tips When We Are Growing Older

We may have led busy lives – working, chores, and other tasks. But now, we have more available time. Free time is relaxing – allowing us to rest when we have all been working for years. Our health concerns are also covered through Home Care Service in La Mesa, California giving us more freedom. However, … Continue reading

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Helping Your Parents Age at Home Safely

As they say, there is no other place like home. Wherever we go, we would always come back. If we are given a choice, we would choose to stay. Aging changes our life but staying at home can give them some peace of mind. When your senior parent has decided to stay at home, a … Continue reading

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Improving Your Senior’s Nutrition

Having good nutrition is important for the body’s performance. However, different factors contribute to poor nutrition. When our senior loved ones do not receive the right kind and amount of nutrients, malnutrition can lead to health concerns. As your San Diego Caregiver, we provide different solutions to improve your elderly’s health and nutrition – starting from … Continue reading

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Managing Stress by Identifying the Source

Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc. is your licensed provider of home health care in California. Our patients trust the consistent care we continuously deliver. Consistent home care service in La Mesa, California means reliable home care assistance and care management. This includes managing the overall welfare of our patients. At home, our senior family members may … Continue reading

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