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Barriers to Compliance With Doctor’s Orders


Your compliance with your physician’s orders makes or breaks your chance of doing well. Sadly, many people are not abiding by their prescriptions unless guided by senior companions in California. And that would result in complications, repeat treatments, and higher costs of medications and even procedures.

What are the possible reasons why people find it hard to comply with their doctor’s prescription?

  • Their health conditions are severe that they cannot take the medicines orally, especially when they need to take multiple drugs.
  • They have no companion for medication assistance.
  • The patients do not understand the need for the medicine.
  • The patients fear or do not trust the medicine, its brand, and its side effects.
  • The patients do not trust doctors.

Communication between the doctor and his patient is essential. It is crucial to educate the patient, his family, or caregivers on the importance of the medicine or the procedure the doctor recommends and how they could benefit from these.

It could be helpful to get ADL assistance in La Mesa, California, to know how to improve compliance and adherence to medications and procedures. Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc. is the best choice for that and home care assistance.

Should a loved one need ventilator dependent care, call us at 619-466-8773 right away, and we can deploy a caregiver to help you.

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