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Bathing Strategies to Make Seniors Comfortable


Taking care of the elderly can involve many tasks. One of the challenging situations could happen during bathing.

If you are supported by reliable senior companions in California, you can improve the situation.

A senior may need more convincing to take their much-needed bath, and when we do, we exercise compassion. True care provider puts themselves through the lenses of their patient. Why are they anxious during bath time? What are they concerned about? We put their needs first by asking questions and taking a closer look at their mannerisms. They feel more participative when they know their priorities are what matter.

Another strategy is getting everyone in the family involved. Instead of saying, “you need to shower” or “you need to do this”, a more effective approach is having everyone included and into “we need to shower before having a hearty breakfast”. When seniors feel that fair treatment, they cooperate for the better.

If a senior is hesitant to be “seen” or “helped” by others during this private activity, we can look at ways to improve the bathing experience without direct intervention. Some improvements in the bathroom can improve navigation and reach, so seniors can take care of their tasks themselves.

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