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Dressing Guide for Bedbound Patients


Clothes are not just a trivial matter. For some of us, clothes are essential pieces to protect ourselves from the elements. Clothes can represent who we are and what we believe. Clothes can give us the confidence we need.

Unfortunately, not all of us can get dressed without assistance. Our brothers and sisters who have mobility issues may be needing simple or overall assistance. The case can get complicated for bedbound patients. After all, how do you dress someone in bed?

Get the clothes ready. A caregiver can assist the patient when picking outfits for the day, or get the ones that the patient has already decided on. You can highlight the activities for the day that may require a suitable outfit. It is essential to give the patient some options and exercise their freedom. There are smart designs like side zipper pants, back closure tops, or wheelchair dresses or pants.

Undressing a bedbound patient can be done in multiple scenarios. Some patients can do this by themselves, while others may need some assistance.

Care providers continue to play a critical role in providing care to patients. Whether it is about toileting or physical therapy assistance, you need someone who can care for your loved one with empathy and experience.

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