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Foods That Keep Bones in Great Shape

We all know that our bones become brittle when we age. Once we reach the age of sixty, we start feeling changes in our bodies. These changes add to the risk of getting accidents or diseases which affect our skeletal system.

Yes, they are inevitable. Nonetheless, we are not left with no choice. We can save ourselves from grave bone injuries or diseases by knowing the right types of food and incorporating them into our diet.

Since the two key nutrients which help you build stronger bones are calcium and vitamin D, Sunshine Home Health Aide Org. Inc. suggests that you should consume foods with these two:

  • Yogurt

    Are you aware that you can get Vitamin D from yogurt? Other than the sunlight, a cup of yogurt could supply 20% of your daily Vitamin D needs. So if you think you do not get enough exposure to sunlight or you need more to supplement it, you can always have yogurt as an alternative.

  • Milk

    Since childhood, our parents have already instilled in our minds how milk could help us strengthen our bones. In fact, our moms have required us to drink at least one glass of milk every day – and they are right. With a glass of milk, you can get 30% of your daily dose of calcium. So we have to make it a habit to drink milk until we grow older.

  • Cheese

    Probably, you have also learned at an early age that cheese contains nutrients which are good for the bones. If this wasn’t mentioned by your mother, your grade school teacher might have informed you about this. Cheese is full of calcium, and some kinds of cheese have Vitamin D as well.

  • Spinach

    Not all people love to drink or eat dairy products. Thus, if you need calcium and vitamin D to repair injuries in your bones yet you are not a fan of drinking milk or eating cheese, you can choose eating spinach instead. This green contains calcium, fiber, iron, and vitamin A, too.

  • Eggs

    The most convenient and accessible way to get Vitamin D, especially when it’s winter, is through eating eggs. Despite the fact that eggs will only supply 6% of your daily Vitamin D needs, it could possibly be your only source of such vitamin. Will you rather not get food for your bones or just eat eggs?

  • Sardines

    We often imagine sardines as those little fishes found in cans. We think that they would not give as many benefits because they are packed in that way. But do you know that these odd-looking fish provide high levels of both calcium and vitamin D? If you want to build or re-build your bones, eating sardines would be a fine option.

Providers of Home Care Company in La Mesa California have patients who have experienced different bone problems. Since we care about them, we always remind these patients and their loved ones to incorporate these foods into their diet.

Do you know other foods which could help maintain or improve our bone’s health? Share them with us.


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