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How to Encourage Appetite Among Seniors


When a senior loved one has lost their appetite, their health can be at risk. The issue can further complicate if they have missed several meals or continue to display a lack of appetite on several occasions. While there are things we cannot control, we can do our part as their care providers to encourage and support their health.

So, how do we encourage seniors to have an appetite if forcing them to eat should not even be an option?

  • Establishing a routine or schedule prevents people from deviating or changing from it. If snacks and meals are scheduled at the same time, the senior will build the habit of following through with each meal.
  • Smaller proportions of nutrient-rich meals are a smart way to ensure that their nutrition is on track without affecting their next meal. Smaller portions can also add variety and encourage consumption through visual attraction.
  • Eating should not be difficult and if the reason for loss of appetite is due to the difficulty using utensils, be proactive in reaching out to your loved ones. Use easy-to-grip spoons and other options for a better and hassle-free dining experience.

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