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Medication Safety Tips for the Elderly


Medication errors are more likely to occur in the elderly. Alarmingly, it has been found that 17% of hospital admissions among seniors over 66 involve medication mistakes and reactions. It is why medication assistance is a crucial aspect of senior care.

To lower these numbers and to protect seniors, allow us here at Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc., a tried-and-true provider of home care in La Mesa, California, to convey key information about medication safety for the elderly.

Here’s what seniors should do:

  • Take medication as directed by your healthcare provider.

    You must take your medication consistently and in line with the instructions provided by your doctor. Apart from assisting you with personal care tasks such as bathing, our staff can also help you with medication management.

  • Carefully store your medications and keep a close eye on the expiration date.

    Appropriate storage is one method for ensuring that your medications remain safe and effective. Our home care staff can review the information supplied to determine storage recommendations for your medications and when to dispose of them.

  • Understand possible drug interactions and adverse effects.

    Being informed about potential drug interactions and side effects is also critical. To do this, you can expect assistance from our staff in reviewing the drug facts labels that come with your medications and specific instructions from your doctor.

From light housekeeping to keeping track of your medications, we are the ones to trust!

You can also access physical therapy assistance with us. Get in touch with us today!

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