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Nail and Skin Care for Senior Loved Ones


Family members can tell if a senior loved one needs home care because of poor personal hygiene and bathing, especially with their skin and nails. These two parts of the body will say a lot about how a person manages their overall wellness.

Being experienced providers of ADL assistance in La Mesa, California, we’ve noticed that most seniors we care for enjoy being and feeling tidy. The way they look can help them feel more confident. As a result, cleanliness will help them perform well in daily duties and become more energized. In short, we must take care of how they care for themselves.

As we age, our skin becomes thinner, more fragile, and less able to retain moisture. Thus, seniors become more prone to sensitivity, irritation, and infection as a product of collagen and elastin decreases. On the other hand, the brittleness, discoloration, and deformity of aging nails can contribute to other long-term conditions. Their health will be at risk if they don’t take care of their skin and nails appropriately.

To remedy these problems, we ensure that seniors receive personal care and other essential services with the help of our home care services in California. We know seniors need to take care of their nails and skin. Seniors who do not maintain proper hygiene frequently develop more severe illnesses due to poor nail and skin health.

Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc. provides senior companions in California who can promptly assist clients with their daily needs, including personal care.

We provide various services for seniors who require them, such as ventilator dependent care. To learn more about our care, please dial 619-466-8773.

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