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Safety Risks to Avoid in the Bathroom


Bathroom safety is an essential aspect in keeping our loved ones out of harm’s way – especially if we are talking about our senior loved ones. While the bathroom remains the same as to whoever uses it (shared or not), each family member and their corresponding capabilities lead to the differences in terms of risk.

As such, bathroom safety is heavily considered for the most vulnerable members of our family. In most cases, these are our senior loved ones.

Here are some risks to address when managing bathroom safety for adults:

  • Risks of slips, trips, and falls
    Seniors struggling with movement or having poor eyesight are more vulnerable to accidents as their response time is already slower or impaired. Prevent accidents by installing grab bars, using non-slip mats, ensuring adequate lighting, and raising toilet seats.
  • Risk of burning from hot water
    Extreme water temperatures can damage our skin and, more so, our senior loved ones. Ensure the water temperature is just right before they shower or take a bath.
  • Risk of chemical contamination
    Medicines and bathroom supplies may be placed in the same location in the bathroom, risking the consumption of chemicals. Instead, put a clear organization of supplies sorted per category and separated in shelves or places.

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