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Situations That Need a Respiratory Therapist

Breathing problems become an issue as a person grows more mature in age. This can get even more complicated when the patient has smoking habits and lung ailments. While you can receive care from a respiratory therapist in a hospital or any healthcare facility, you can also get their assistance in your own home. Our Home Care Agency in California can link up patients with highly qualified RTs so that their loved ones can still receive quality care at home.

Respiratory therapy is not only needed for those with breathing issues. This healthcare intervention is very necessary for the following common scenarios:

  • Emergency Incidents

    Respiratory therapists provide assistance to hospitalized patients when they encounter complications from their heart surgery or lung ailments. In these life-threatening conditions, RTs assist in the revival of patients so they can regain their proper breathing. Aside from providing treatment for pneumonia, they also back up surgeons during complicated procedures, as well as supervise patients who are in need of ventilators or other life support equipment.

  • Maintenance of Chronic Respiratory Problems

    Whether it’s at home or in a healthcare facility, RTs also provide assistance to patients who are grueling with their chronic respiratory diseases. As a home care company in La Mesa, California, we help patients get access to quality respiratory therapy care within the confines of their familiar home environment. They can also take charge of programs that help a person overcome their smoking habits so that quality pulmonary rehabilitation is achieved.

  • Pediatric Care

    Newborns can also face respiratory troubles, especially when they acquire cardiopulmonary ailments. Infants who have been born prematurely can also benefit from the assistance of a respiratory therapist, especially when they are admitted in the neonatal intensive care unit. In caring for a baby’s respiratory care needs, the RT is also accompanied by a nurse to ensure that the care provided is truly of high quality.

  • Geriatric Care

    Many seniors also face the inability to breathe easier as they come to the aging years. Due to age, they can easily acquire respiratory tract infections, bronchial pneumonia, and other health problems related to the lungs. Seniors at 65 years old are very prone to acquiring these lung issues, so the support of RTs is very vital even at home.

While these four situations are the most common, the need for respiratory therapy is, in fact, relevant to many different occasions. Your doctor or pediatrician will inform you whenever you need the assistance of an RT. When you also opt to receive this kind of assistance at home, our team at Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc. can also serve you.

When your loved one is advised to receive respiratory therapy, consider this as an urgent need. When they need special assistance at home, our respiratory therapists can arrange this with you. Our home health aides are also ready to help you out whenever your chores and other responsibilities at home need to be taken care of.

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