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What to Choose Home Care Agency or Private Caregiver?


Although it is tough to realize, there will come a moment when a person you care about will require assistance to avoid injuring themselves. Fortunately, there are options available for home care in La Mesa, California.

When looking for daily caregivers to assist your aging loved one with bathing, toileting, and more, you have two choices: private caregivers and home care agencies. The only question now is which one to choose. That’s why we have provided options to help you.

  • Background Check

    Before home care agencies hire somebody, they must go through a rigorous interview and background check process. You can ask for credentials and experience when hiring a personal caregiver, but the information you receive will be contingent on what the caregiver tells you.

  • Insurance and Taxes

    A home care agency pays its personnel and files taxes on its behalf. Additionally, their employees are provided with worker’s compensation insurance to safeguard workers and clients in an accident. With a personal caregiver, however, you are responsible for all of the work. You will also be held accountable if the worker gets injured.

  • Affordability

    Since the home care agency handles everything when the patient is under their supervision, they charge a higher fee than a private caregiver. Most home care agencies, however, accept insurance for payment reductions. Of course, a personal caregiver is a far less expensive choice, but it comes at the expense of your time and duty.

Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc. provides professional personal health assistance through healthcare workers and senior companions in California who have been carefully vetted to ensure your loved ones are in good hands.

Contact us today for our home care services in California.

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