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When Seniors Are Hesitant to Ask For Help


Can you remember the last time your senior loved one asked for help? While some people may answer they have been asked for some assistance within the last 24 hours, this scenario is not always the same across families and households. Some families may be in a situation where seniors are not asking for help.

It is true that seniors are free to exercise independence, but when their safety is at risk or the performance of a task is impossible, they need assistance. But why are they not asking for it?

It is an unfortunate misconception, but we are used to the idea that weak people seek help. This should not be the case. Brave people understand their capacity and are courageous enough to admit their areas for improvement. They are brave to pursue their tasks with the help of others.

When seniors are hesitant to ask but have trouble doing tasks such as toileting, let them know they have options. Let them know that you are ready to discuss things.

When seniors feel they can trust someone, they are more willing to entertain the idea of seeking help. We make this possible by providing quality ADL assistance in La Mesa, California with consistent results.

Our physical therapy assistance program is ready to lend a helping hand in improving or learning skills to pave the way for their recovery.

We have more solutions for home care services in California. Get in touch with Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc.!

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