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When Transport Is Making Seniors Uncomfortable


Members of the elderly population may be struggling with health-related or age-related conditions that make everyday activities difficult or painful. Our seniors can respond in different ways, and one way they may choose to behave is by keeping quiet. This can spring from their desire to not put their family or caretaker into a more challenging situation. Hence, they choose to endure by themselves. However, there is a way that things can be worked out, for everyone’s benefit.

One of the everyday activities we are talking about is traveling or transportation. As seniors are required to regularly visit their doctor or when they have to go places, transportation remains a necessity.

If you noticed your senior loved one purposely avoiding transport, there might be a source of concern. Engage them in a conversation to find out if they feel uncomfortable or if there is any pain during the travel. You can also observe them while traveling and notice the instances that they are out of character. Different modes of transport are appropriate for a client’s condition.

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