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When Your Senior Needs Feeding Assistance


Eating issues can affect anyone, and our elderly loved ones are especially prone to these situations. This does not mean the situation is helpless. Different solutions can be provided when a person seeks out.

Feeding a loved one can take time but ensuring they are getting the nutrition they deserve is essential for them to maintain or achieve a healthy life. If your senior loved one needs feeding assistance, take a step back to have a more sustainable approach to the concern.

  • Support starts before the actual eating.

    Following the doctor’s recommended diet may require some adjustments. Ensure that you have worked on the supplies and ingredients for healthier meals. Involve your senior loved ones in the meals they prefer to eat while staying within a healthy zone.

  • Ensure hygiene before eating and wash your and their hands.

    During meal times, prepare the appropriate utensils and assist them if they want. You can make the meal simple and serve one type of food at a time. You may also cut or dice the food before handing them the plate. Choose meals that are easy to swallow.

  • Never rush them while eating, and pay enough attention to avoid choking hazards.

    Ask them how the food tasted and if they have preferences for the next meal. A light conversation can make dining warmer for everyone.

When your loved one needs support, we offer our ADL assistance in La Mesa, California.

Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc. has been providing care to many clients. We also provide physical therapy assistance.

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