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3 Foods Best for Your Golden Years

Many elderly individuals as they age get their body’s nutritional needs through drugs. Besides the medicine that take, they are also taking some vitamins for the bones, for the blood pressure, for the mind, and the like. However, you do not have to rely on synthetic drugs for your body’s nutritional requirements. You can get a lot of what you need from the food that you eat. It is best to keep your lifestyle and your diet as healthy as possible. If you cannot do it alone, you can always count on the excellent Home Care Company in La Mesa California like the unparalleled Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc.

The vitamins that you take are focused on just one nutritional need like calcium perhaps or vitamin D. Fortunately, there are types of food that can provide more than one of your health requirements. They are delish as well, which makes it easier to look forward to taking.

  • Milk

    Milk is not called a whole food for no reason. It is truly equipped with a lot of vitamins and minerals. Milk is not only enjoyable to drink but it is packed with vitamin A, phosphorus, carbohydrates, selenium, magnesium, protein, riboflavin, zinc, and most of all calcium. Calcium is very necessary for the elderly since bones and joints tend to get weaker. Phosphorus is also good for the bones and for the management of energy, metabolism, and PH levels. Vitamin A is good for the eyes and for the brain. Magnesium helps with sleep, proteins for the muscles, and zinc for your immune system. It is no wonder how milk is recommended from childhood to adulthood and even in the late years. It is just basically needed at any age.

  • Oatmeal

    Good to pair with your milk is oatmeal. It is not only convenient to prepare but it is very beneficial in many ways. For one, it makes you full easily, which means you would be spared from overeating unhealthy food. It contains a lot of fiber which does not only ease bowel movement but also lowers cholesterol. Many older individuals tend to have higher cholesterol levels. Besides this, it has vitamin B, potassium, folate, and omega 3. A caregiver in a Home Care Company in La Mesa California can help you prepare healthy meals like a low cholesterol diet like this one.

  • Fish

    As a person ages, his activities lessen as well. Sprints become walks, swimming becomes a few minutes of aerobics in the pool, and so on. Pork, beef, poultry and other food that are high in fats and cholesterol are no longer encouraged. The safest and healthiest meal to dine on is fish. Anchovies, sardines, salmon, trout, and mackerel are some of the fishes that are very good for the elderly. They have vitamin A, vitamin D, and omega 3 acids. These fishes prove to help relieve arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

There are many ways to eat healthy at your age and a good care provider from Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc. can help you prepare the best meals for you!

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