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Understanding the Importance of Colostomy

Food consumption is a necessity to survive. It is by eating that we can get the nutrients and vitamins we need to sustain our healthy body. Our digestive system does all the steps to get everything out from what we eat. By-products from what we eat have to be excreted since it no longer contains nutritional value. These by-products contain toxins that’s why it has to be excreted in a regular manner. People who are not able to defecate regularly experience constipation, but there are those who cannot defecate at all due to some ailments or medical conditions.

You might have observed that those who have problems with their digestive system also shows physical changes, one of those is a distended abdomen. These are solid wastes that were not excreted and are stuck at the lower part of the intestine. If not alleviated, this can cause further complications. The excretory system is the part of the body responsible for removing or voiding excess and unnecessary substances. Once this system is no longer able to do its job, it’s time for physicians to temporarily or permanently create an alternative way of removing those substances.

This process is called Colostomy. It is a condition wherein a stoma or an opening is made from the abdomen connecting to the colon. The lower part of the colon, the anus, and the rectum are by-passed. The stoma is then kept open until the medical issue is resolved, but for some, it is a permanent solution. Patients who have stoma don’t have to be admitted to a medical institution all the time, care for a stoma can be done at home. There are a few steps to be taken to make sure that a stoma is kept safe and free from infection.

  • Change stoma pouch a few times a day, do it once you see that it is already a third full. This is to prevent leaks and to avoid skin irritation.
  • When removing the pouch, separate the sticky part of the pouch from the skin by pushing it carefully.
  • Identify whether you are using a disposable or reusable pouch. Be responsible when emptying a pouch prior to throwing it or washing it thoroughly before reusing.
  • Always assess and clean the skin around the stoma gently. Use wet cloth or wipes in cleaning, keep it dry before reattaching the pouch.
  • Check for signs of infection or irritation. Always notify the physician of changes in color, shape, and smell.

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