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3 Infections Seniors should Beware of

Reaching the prime age of sixty could be very advantageous- you could witness more significant events in your loved one’s lives and you could see the change that comes by every passing generation. Be that as it may, aging does not only bring you good things because as your body ages, it becomes more at risk to different diseases and infections.

This is why, caregivers of every home care company in La Mesa California should be knowledgeable of the common infections that may affect one’s care benefactor.

1.Urinary Tract Infections
Urinary Tract Infection’s classic initial symptoms include burning pain in the urinary tract and frequent urination; however, this may not be the same for older adults. UTI is hard to diagnose in the elderly because their body have slower immune response. Among the possible signs which you could observe to learn whether an elderly is experiencing UTI are:

  • lethargy,
  • falls,
  • urinary retention,
  • agitation,
  • decreased mobility,
  • incontinence, and
  • decreased appetite.

The primary cause of UTI is Escherichia Coli but any other organisms may cause the infection as well. So, for caregivers who are presently taking care of older adults, especially to those adults who are wearing catheter, you should always make sure to have the area near it cleaned to prevent UTI.

2.Skin Infections
The ability of the skin to heal and resist diseases caused by harmful elements in the environment becomes weaker as we age. For this reason, many seniors have:

  • herpes zoster or shingles,
  • bacterial or fungal foot infections,
  • cellulitis,
  • pressure ulcers, and
  • other drug-resistant infections.

Despite the fact that these infections may easily be prevented through proper and good hygiene, caregivers and loved ones of the elderly should still be alert to any unusual skin itching, lesions, or pain. Whenever you notice the elderly having these signs, you should visit the doctor promptly.

3.Bacterial Pneumonia
An individual’s respiratory tract becomes at higher risk to diseases caused by bacteria due to numerous factors. Among these risk factors are the decreased lung capacity of a senior, one’s heightened exposure to disease-causing community settings, and the elder’s susceptibility to other medical conditions similarly or not similarly related to the respiratory system.

Hence, bacterial pneumonia is prevalent among American senior citizens. As a caregiver or as a child, you should take notice of its classic symptoms which include chills, cough, and fever.

Never ignore any symptoms which you observe on your elderly. Whether there is pain related to any of the symptoms or not, you should always make sure that your loved ones will be safe by always seeking professional medical help. If you do not have caregivers at your home yet, and if you need one care expert to accompany your loved ones, feel free to contact Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc. through 619-466-8773.

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