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Signs and Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Our body functions decline as we age. We may experience loss in our senses – such as hearing. When a senior loved one cannot hear well, they may need Home Care Service in La Mesa, California.

When a senior loses their hearing, they can feel frustrated, embarrassed, or depressed. Listening is an important part of communication and not being able to understand can leave them confused or uncooperative. They may not willingly express this loss to their caregivers for a variety of reasons. They may also not be able to convey such on their own.

As their primary caregiver and immediate family member, noticing these changes immediately can help manage the situation.

  • Having difficulty hearing someone over the phone
  • Unable to follow conversations especially when more people are talking
  • Complaining about background noises
  • Often asking people to repeat what they have just said
  • Speaking in a louder than usual voice or yelling just to be assured they are heard

Living with hearing loss can be challenging. Let us help your loved one. Your trusted Home Care Company strives to provide San Diego care at home when you need it.

Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc. brings sunshine through our Home Health Care in California.

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