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5 Strategies to Help Prevent Dementia

Right about the time we approach sixty, we start to have this looming fear that some form of cognitive decline is going to make us lose ourselves. Dementia has the power to ruin lives by ripping apart memories of the people you hold dear and taking away your independence.

As a renowned home care company in La Mesa, California, Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc. knows how heartbreaking it can be to care for people with dementia. When you see what happens to these individuals you almost always think to yourself, “I don’t ever want this to happen to me or any of the people I love.” So, how do you prevent this disease?

While there is no definitive way to prevent dementia, research has proven that you can decrease your risk of developing the disease by implementing the following lifestyle choices.

  1. Get some mental exercises.

    Regular physical exercise helps keep the brain functioning at optimal levels. While it has never been clearly defined that this prevents dementia, studies have shown that getting up and moving on a daily basis does keep you from developing high blood pressure, depression, and diabetes — all of which are linked to dementia.

  2. Get the right amount of sleep.

    A well-rested brain is a healthy brain. Sleeping is a great way to clear your brain of the plaque normally found in people with dementia. Get the right amount of sleep regularly so that your mind won’t suffer from the toxic build-up that so often leads to cognitive decline.

  3. Keep your brain healthy.

    Exercising, getting enough sleep, and eating foods that are high in the nutrients needed by your brain can significantly decrease the risk factor for cognitive decline. Do your research or work with your doctor in implementing a diet that can safeguard your brain from dementia.

  4. Keep your alcohol consumption moderate.

    Too much alcohol in your brain and can put you at a higher risk for dementia. While we’re not saying that you skip on the alcoholic beverage completely, keep it at a minimum so that your brain is still able to regrow its neurons.

  5. Make sure you have a healthy heart working together with your healthy brain.

    While all our body parts are strongly connected, no stronger link exists than that between the heart and the brain. Since most people with Alzheimer’s also have heart disease, it could stand to reason that having poor heart health could also lead to decline in cognitive function.

Working with agencies like Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc. can give you access to a home health aide and experienced memory care providers who not only help people cope with dementia, but also ensure that such a level of cognitive decline is kept from happening.

What other ways can we keep dementia at bay? You’re more than welcome to tell us in the comments.

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