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Athletic Trainer: Training Tips to Be Safe from Injury

Are you training for an athletic event? Or are you just starting your work out? No matter if you are a rookie or a triathlon athlete; we all commit many mistakes that could ruin our workout and even our body.

So as a refresher or a reminder, here are training tips you need to follow in order to be safe from injury:

  • Give your body some time

    When you exercise, you do not suddenly get up and decide you will run for 10km or train for a 5-mile marathon that will commence a month from now. You need to have a focused and well-organized exercise and training plan so that your body can adjust.

    Pushing your body to its limits on the first day will only injure your muscles. So take it slow. If you want to run a kilometer, start running half a kilometer or even shorter. And when your body is already well-adjusted, you can double your distance.

  • Eat right

    If you are exercising, it does not mean you can reward yourself with a liter of delicious strawberry smoothie partnered with a whole chocolate-flavored mousse cake. You also have to integrate nutritious diet and healthy meals as you workout.

    Never underestimate the power of a balanced and nutritious meal. Just as any vehicle needs gas, your need food to fuel your body so you can have more power and strength to continue your workout.

  • Do not ignore your body¬†

    Have you been experiencing pain while working out? Then you should not ignore it. Once you notice any kind of a pain in your knee, shin, ankle, etc. after your workout, stop. Having a rest for a few days is necessary to heal your muscles. It will not throw you off your goal.

    However, if the pain continues, you need to consult your doctor. Maybe there is an underlying problem that could go worse if you will not mind it and treat it seriously.

  • Wear the right footwear¬†

    Wearing the right footwear is essential to any athlete or trainee. If you are still wearing those old sneakers you have from college, you need to ditch it away. You want to be on your best condition. Do not let your footwear limit yourself.

    So go and take time to look for that sturdy pair of shoes. Invest in a size that supports your feet well. Your feet, knees, and ankles will thank you for it.

If you are training for a big sports event or just exercising to keep your body healthy and fit, you need to follow the mentioned tips. And aside from following them, you need to have a partner who can help you achieve your goal and maintain your dream.

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