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Best Ways to Keep a Senior’s Heart Healthy


The heart plays an important function in pumping blood to our bodies. It is the engine that keeps our bodies running.

Being a provider of home care services in California, we are always concerned with seniors’ overall health and wellness, including their heart health. To help you boost your heart health, here are some of our expert recommendations:

  • Maintain a healthy weight. This may be accomplished by regular physical exercise, a nutritious diet, portion control, and balancing your calorie intake with the calories you burn.
  • Learning to control your blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol levels is also crucial. Keep an eye on your stats and visit your doctor frequently. Take your meds exactly as directed.
  • You also need to control your stress and deal with issues. There are several methods for reducing stress, including yoga, breathing exercises, social interactions, and meditation.
  • Make water your primary beverage and limit your alcohol intake. Until you can make it less, try to keep your intake to one drink each day. As smoking is one of the biggest causes of preventable death and can cause you to require ventilator dependent care, you should quit.

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