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Dimensions of Home Health Care

Relocating our aging loved ones into care facilities can be distressing for both them and us. That is where the advantages of home health care can be highlighted. However, before you start looking for a home care company, there are key aspects you should consider to see if this is a good fit for your loved one’s situation.

As San Diego elderly care advocates, part of our job is to ensure safety. To see if they are qualified for our type of care, you can assess the following areas:

  • The Physical Dimension

    The first thing to consider in terms of home health care in California is the characteristics of the home care setting. This encompasses both the physical environment and the safety issues associated with it. Is there enough space for medical equipment? Are there any steep areas around the house that could lead to a fall?

  • The Social and Emotional Dimension

    This area focuses on the elders’ ability to engage in social interactions. Since loneliness is rampant in old age, what environment would give them more opportunities for socialization? Can they gain from institutions when they’re with people their age? Or, are they better off with a San Diego caregiver since they have a consistent social network at home and in their neighborhood?

  • The Functional Dimension

    This area pertains to practicality. In the likelihood of hospital transfers, are there nearby ones around the area? Is transportation available at all times in the event of an emergency? Are there obstacles to your loved one’s safety that your location presents?

If everything is looking good so far, then Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc. could be the right fit for you! We provide a top-quality home care service in La Mesa, California! Call us for inquiries!

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