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How Can Seniors Enjoy Outdoor Environments


The home is supposed to be a safe space for seniors. But when they get too isolated, it can also be detrimental to their health. And as a provider of home care in La Mesa, California, we do our best to encourage seniors to go out.

The outdoor environment can provide sensory stimulation to seniors that can benefit their mental health. And here are some things seniors can enjoy outdoors:

  • Walking

    Seniors may find walking around the neighborhood or in nearby parks and alleys while talking with someone about the beauty of nature enjoyable. Walking will boost their cardiovascular health, and at the same time, it will enhance their lower body strength other than physical therapy assistance.

  • Gardening

    Gardening is an enjoyable activity and good exercise. It improves seniors’ endurance and helps increase flexibility and mobility. And undoubtedly, their satisfaction and excitement will increase when they harvest their nutritious home-grown vegetables.

  • Meeting family and friends

    The feeling of joy warms the hearts of our senior loved ones when we gather them for a family outing. Let them know they are significant by keeping them engaged, like letting them help prepare the food or asking them to tell stories. Also, get the chance of feeding them. Enjoy all these things while they last.

  • Shopping

    Shopping is an exciting activity that is most appealing to seniors. Picking stuff, comparing an item with the other, and determining their costs will refresh their cognitive ability. They will love shopping like they did when they were younger. Senior companions in California can assist them with errands like carrying groceries or simply being with seniors as they shop.

We must show why the elderly need to go out. It can benefit seniors’ mental and physical health, and Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc. believes it is one of the factors of longer life expectancy.

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