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Air Pollution and Its Connection to Alzheimer’s Disease

One thing we do know about poor quality is that it’s detrimental to our lungs. Further research, however, has indicated that it can be a lot worse – it can be negatively impactful to our brains as well.

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Aging basically means that all the parts of our bodies age as well, including our brains. An older brain is much more at risk to air pollution damage so we must take the necessary steps to make sure our elderly loved ones get the protection they need.

Air Pollution and the Human Brain

There are particles in contaminated air that are incredibly dangerous to our health. These are tiny, hazardous bits of solid and liquid matter that are suspended in the air. They can be soot, dust, pollen, or smoke. These particulates vary in size with the smaller ones being more dangerous as they can easily make their way in our lungs, even going as far as altering our DNA and causing damage.

Air Pollution and Memory Loss

When toxic matters find their way into our bodies, they penetrate the entire system through the bloodstream. And when too many of these particles are absorbed into the system, they cause inflammation. Inflammation can have horrible effects particularly on brain aging which could easily result in Alzheimer’s for an elderly individual. Multiple studies have linked air pollution to a variety of health challenges and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, brain damage, and asthma.

Breathing in Clean Air Equals a Stronger, Healthier Brain

Evidence is piling up heavily on air pollution being a major cause of Alzheimer’s and brain damage. It has a high chance of increasing one’s risk to Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Specialists, however, do maintain that there is still a bit of controversy surrounding the topic and a ton of research still has to be done in order to arrive at conclusive evidence.

Despite there being a lack of evidence to conclusively link air pollution to cognitive health decline, there has been more than enough proof to confirm that it does lead to numerous health challenges. Bad air is just that, it’s bad for us, for our family members, and most especially for our elders. Let’s make a conscious effort to live in an environment that is permeated with fresh, clean, and healthy air.

Collaborating with a quality Home Care Agency in California will aid us significantly in steering our elderly loved ones clear of polluted environments.

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