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Ideal Games for Senior Loved Ones with Dementia

While dementia has no cure yet, it can be managed effectively. With the assistance of a home care company, you can help manage their symptoms and enable them to live a high quality of life.

Another way you can do so is by playing games. Games are essential tools to keep them engaged and happily occupied. It is also an effective mood booster that can keep their spirits up throughout the day.

Thus, as both experienced San Diego care at home professionals and providers of home care service in La Mesa, California, we at Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc. list down some dementia-friendly games we use ourselves:

  • Classic Board Games such as Bingo and Checkers
    These games are usually something they already know by heart, so you can rest easy that this will not frustrate them.
  • Card Games
    The beauty of playing card games is that you can decide on the difficulty level, so you can make them challenging for days when your loved one seems up for it.
  • Indoor Chair Golf
    Did your loved one use to love playing golf? This can be a good alternative.
  • Tower Stacking Game
    This game is ideal for boosting their concentration without pressuring them to achieve a certain goal.

Did any of the games look like a good fit for your loved one? Let us know!

For your home health care in California and other care management needs, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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