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Keep your Lungs Healthy, Use these Methods

We breathe in and out 20, 000 times every single day. Despite this fact, we still fail to consider how important our lungs are. A majority of us may only appreciate the organ which plays a vital role in our respiratory system once we experience problems in breathing.

Now, are you aware that this breathing for 20, 000 times each day causes various harmful environmental factors to get inside your body which may result to hastening of your lungs’ aging which may include respiratory system-related diseases?

So you must take good care of your lungs. May you be a young kid, an adult or a senior citizen who is already needing home care company in La Mesa California, it would be very beneficial to practice these activities for your lung’s health.

Increased Walking Speed
A person’s walking speed may be an indicator of a person’s lifespan- the faster you walk, the longer your life may be. But this does not automatically indicate that when you are used to walking slowly, you will live a shorter life. This theory simply means that if you cannot walk faster- that you easily get tired or exhausted of walking at a fast pace- there may be an underlying condition which causes such exhaustion.

So what shall you do? Try walking at a faster pace than your usual practice. If you find this exercise too exhausting, you should visit your doctor to have your respiratory organs checked.

Do Diaphragmatic Breathing
This technique is mostly recommended by physicians to their patients who have asthma, emphysema or chronic bronchitis. But doing this exercise daily, especially in the morning or night time, will improve your lungs’ health.

Diaphragmatic breathing is done by concentrating on lowering the diaphragm as you breathe in and inhaling deeper. This will eventually increase lung capacity.

Maintain a Healthy Weight
When you weigh more, your whole respiratory system is required to work harder to inhale sufficient amount of oxygen for your body. When this happens for years, your lungs become weak and hence, susceptible to respiratory diseases.

With this, you should maintain a healthy weight by eating nutritious foods and staying away from unhealthy foods. If necessary, you can seek help from dietitians who can guide you to lose excessive weight.

Avoid Unhealthy Vices
What do you think are the most unhealthy vices? If you thought of smoking and drinking alcohol, your guess is right. Smoking alone damages your respiratory health by inducing inflammation, causing death of respiratory cells and speeding oxitive stress which also leads to destruction of respiratory cells.

Moreover, drinking too much alcohol can stop a person’s breathing and can cause untimely death. This happens because alcohol causes less production of nitric oxide levels- a naturally produced gas which aids the lungs to fight infections.

Never wait until it’s too late to recognize the fact that you should take care of your respiratory system, especially your lungs. Start practicing these tips by Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc.!

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