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Keeping Connections and Relationships Alive


Humans are social beings. We can be defined by many things, and one of the most poignant elements that define who we are is our relationship with one another. Whether we live by ourselves or with family members, maintaining these relationships will always be an essential part of life.

Unfortunately, things can quickly go hectic these days. We have work, school, and other activities. Sometimes, mobile devices consume our attention. When was the last time we had a meaningful conversation with the ones we left at home, or the seniors who live by themselves?

Fortunately, we can strengthen the relationships we have by fostering our connections with each other. Here are some tips to connect with your senior loved ones.

  • Start the day with a quick chat – preferably during breakfast.
  • Try to have as many meals eaten by the family members together or organize regular family dinners.
  • Make conversations while doing chores, bathing them, or doing other activities.
  • Ask them about their day and explore which parts they liked and what they look forward to having.
  • Share how your day went so they can paint a vivid picture of what happened.

Our senior companions in California can keep the conversations alive.

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