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Managing Stress by Identifying the Source

Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc. is your licensed provider of home health care in California. Our patients trust the consistent care we continuously deliver.

Consistent home care service in La Mesa, California means reliable home care assistance and care management. This includes managing the overall welfare of our patients.

At home, our senior family members may face a combination of conditions regarding their health, mobility, mental, and emotional well-being. The different factors play a role in their precocious situation. Stress makes seniors irritable or uncomfortable. Stress prevents them from enjoying the quality of life they deserve.

Stressful conditions can be managed. First, the source of stress must be identified. Observe what makes the senior agitated, anxious, or depressed. Actions from people, certain words, or specific situations can make them feel down. Ask them questions to better understand. Probe how they feel and discover what the root cause is.

Knowing the source of stress helps lay out the next steps. However, it is important to assure the seniors that their feelings are considered. Dismissing their thoughts and feelings because of stress may lead to feelings of unworthiness. Assure them that you are on their side no matter what.

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