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One, Two, Three: Exercises Perfect for Seniors

No matter how old a person gets, exercise remains a vital part for their overall health. It does not only have physical benefits, but as well as emotional and mental benefits. Here at Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc., we enumerate the following exercises seniors can try out:

Deep breathing. A good way to start off your exercise regimen. It helps clear your head and get oxygen flowing through your system.

  1. Sit quietly and close your eyes.
  2. Take a deep, slow breath through your nose and hold it for about 4 seconds.
  3. Exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat at least 4 times.

Neck rotations. You have to straighten your body while doing this, either standing or sitting. Draw circles in the air with your neck and head. You can create full circles or half circles or just turn your neck and head from side to side.

Shoulder rotations. Create circles using your shoulders only. You can do it by pushing your shoulders up, forward, down, and back. You can do them together or one at a time.

Arm and shoulder lifts.

  1. Form your elbows straight out at chest level, fold your hands together in front of your chest with fingers pointing straight up.
  2. Move your entire arm, hands and elbows straight up and down, so your pointed fingers move from chest level up to mouth level, and then back down to chest level. Repeat several times.

Hand scrunches. It’s like what you used to do as a baby—close-open song. This time, it’s different. You make a fist and then spread the fingers out wide. Repeat this cycle several times.

Wrist rotations. Rotate your hands in circles in the air first one way, and then in the other direction for several times. After, do the same with just rotating your thumbs.

Swimming in the air. You can do this by sitting or standing, whichever works better for you. You simply have to make arm motions in the air as if you are swimming.

Ankle circles. It helps improve your ankle flexibility and ability to move your ankle upward and downward without difficulty. You only need to rotate your ankles in circles first in one direction, then the other while sitting.

Toe scrunches. You only have to scrunch your toes in and out to keep them strong and flexible. This is good for balance too.

Walking in the air. It helps the circulation in your legs get going and helps prevent blood clot.

  1. While sitting, stretch your legs out in front of you so they are in the air.
  2. If you cannot hold them up, then stretch them out so they are on the floor or a foot stool.
  3. Then do a walk stunt. You’re like literally walking in the air.

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