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Senior Adults Need to Have a Skincare Routine

Senior adults are more sensitive and susceptible to skin diseases and conditions than their younger counterparts. That is because aging skin is naturally dryer; they don’t produce natural oils like before. Without a proper skincare routine, your senior loved one may end up with a variety of problems with their skin.

It is a given that senior adults need to take a bath daily for good hygiene and overall health. However, it helps for them to know that too much hot water can result in dry skin. They must limit themselves to taking hot baths. If you are their family caregiver, you can prepare mildly warm to lukewarm water.

After every bath or as needed, senior adults need to apply some lotion or moisturizers that are formulated for dry skin. It may be best to avoid those skin products with strong fragrance because they might cause skin irritation, according to a home care company in California.

Seniors also need to drink plenty of water to hydrate themselves and their skin. Not only is it beneficial for their skin but it also serves their overall health as water helps flush out toxins from the body.

If you need someone to assist your senior loved one at home with their skincare routine and personal care, you can hire a caregiver from an agency for home health care in California.

For inquiries about our home care service in La Mesa, California, please contact Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc.

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