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Simple Considerations for Lighter Housekeeping


Home care is not just taking care of the patient—it is also taking care of the home. After all, the state of someone’s place determines the quality of life that they live in. understandably, the situation can get hectic. Taking care of a family member consumes time and energy, like doing home chores.

While our senior companions in California can help you take care of your loved one, we can also support you in many different ways. Our light housekeeping service can assist you in making the home neat, clean, and safe for your loved one.

Keeping the home tidy is not just about cleaning it. Smart designs can help reduce the effort needed to maintain space while leading to results. Home layouts should work for your situation so you can spend less time cleaning and more time with your loved ones. Aging-in-place design principles can help you take care of your loved one and home. Here are some guidelines to consider.

  • Dedicate storage containers for everything – label them and keep things this way.
  • Move frequently used or consumed items within arm’s reach.
  • Use blinds instead of curtains for lesser effort in washing.
  • Get rid of items that do not have purpose or benefit, as they only accommodate dirt.
  • Take advantage of incontinence bed pads to cover sheets and other surfaces.

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