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How to Care for Seniors with Severe Alzheimer’s

Severe Alzheimer’s is the final stage of the disease. The dementia symptoms might affect the memory, mobility, communication, and mental skills of the person. To address the condition, you have to find ways on how to deliver care or find a reliable San Diego Alzheimer’s care provider to help you with your loved one’s healthcare requirements.

  • Mobility Assistance
    The late stage of Alzheimer’s could limit the physical functions of your senior. Aside from experiencing a possible difficulty with eating and swallowing, a patient may find sitting and walking hard to do as well. You can find a dependable home care service in La Mesa, California that can assist your loved one with daily movements at home.
  • Round-the-Clock Care
    Since the condition is worsening, more focused support on a daily and even hourly basis becomes a necessity. This is especially important for an elder who loses memory and cognitive skills. You have to make sure that you hire a home care company that offers the necessary assistance whenever a helping hand is needed.
  • Healthy Communication
    Clear and polite conversation is vital during this stage of Alzheimer’s disease. As a family caregiver or a provider of home health care in California, you have to be more patient and understanding when you are talking to an elder with dementia. Despite the condition, you have to respect and maintain the dignity of your senior.

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