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Strategies to Help a Senior Person Stay Hydrated

As we take care of our senior parents, we do our best to ensure their safety and overall health. This is a similar goal we work for as a Home Care Agency in California. Because of this, it is important for us to know what their actual needs are. We can assist them in the best possible way if we are addressing their immediate needs, such as their need for hydration.

The Need for Hydration

To understand why senior persons need to stay hydrated, we also need to understand the risks of dehydration. According to WebMD, dehydration occurs when a person doesn’t have enough water in their body. Without enough water, senior persons can experience confusion, urinary tract infections, and bed sores.

The Risk of Dehydration in Seniors

A person’s age puts them at higher risk of getting dehydrated. Senior persons have a declining sense of thirst, which means that they don’t feel thirst as normally as they used to. For seniors who have mobility problems, they also have difficulty getting the water for themselves. If there is no family caregiver or home health aide to assist them, they may get dehydrated.

The Role of Family Caregivers

If you’re the primary caregiver of your aging loved one, you also need to watch out for dehydration. Aside from you learning about its symptoms, we also recommend the following strategies so that seniors can stay hydrated every day.

  • Make Drinking Water Accessible
    Our aging loved ones need to be able to access drinking water as easy as possible. You can place a filled jug and a glass of water beside their bed.
  • Try Water Infusions
    You can infuse fruits in water to provide a distinct or more appealing taste. For our senior loved ones whose taste senses are not that sensitive anymore, drinking infused water can help them want to drink more. Slices of cucumber and lemon are great options to mix with drinking water.
  • Water is Not the Only Option
    What if your aging loved one doesn’t want to drink water? That’s not to worry about because there are still other ways you can keep them hydrated. For starters, there’s the soup, broth, sports drinks, and fruit juices.
  • Adjust Temperature Levels
    Some seniors prefer to drink beverages at a certain temperature. Know whether your aging loved one wants to have their drink colder or warmer. Serving their drinks at the preferred temperature can ensure you that they still get hydrated.
  • Serve in Shakes
    Fruit or vegetable shakes are also healthy options in ensuring that your loved one gets hydrated. Try mango or banana shake for a start.

Like you, our home care company in La Mesa, California is dedicated to provide quality care to seniors. So we hope that the above recommendations are insights you find helpful. For recommendations on getting quality senior care, call us at Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc.

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