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3 Reasons Why You Need to Manage Your Medications

There are billions of medicines that are dispensed and used every year. With this overwhelming volume, the need for an improved medication management system becomes even more important.

What Is Medication Management?

Medication management is the act of carefully tracking your medications, from confirming you get the right medicines to making sure you are taking them exactly as prescribed.

Monitoring your therapeutic process limits your risk of experiencing medication slip-ups that may be fatal. Adverse drug reactions have become a common concern among medicating individuals. However, this significant health threat can be avoided by being proactive and responsible for your own health.

Whether you’re taking a single pill per day or juggling a large number of medicines, managing your medication is very important, especially for seniors.

Here are the reasons why you need to take charge of your prescriptions. May these bits of information inspire you to be seriously involved in your health and wellness:

  1. Seniors are more prone to taking multiple prescription drugs. Aging can take a toll on a person’s health. Seniors might need medicines to treat an illness, improve a symptom, or manage a chronic disease. While medicines can help them with their concerns, using a handful of medicines can be tricky for their health, too.
  2. It becomes easier to monitor polypharmacy. It is challenging to manage a handful of pills. They are difficult to keep track of, especially when medicines look similar to one another or have different intake schedules. This results in missing a dose or taking the inappropriate pill. Either way, these are medication errors with weighty consequences, leading us to the next discussion.
  3. Noncompliance results in frequent emergency room visits. Adverse drug reactions can result in serious to fatal complications, hospital re-admissions, and costly clinical care.

Seeking Assistance from a Home Health Aid Provider

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The Floor Is Yours…

You can swerve from potential treatment errors with good medication habits. How do you manage your medications? We would love to learn from you, too! Share us your tips in the comments.

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