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Signs and Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Our body functions decline as we age. We may experience loss in our senses – such as hearing. When a senior loved one cannot hear well, they may need Home Care Service in La Mesa, California. When a senior loses their hearing, they can feel frustrated, embarrassed, or depressed. Listening is an important part of … Continue reading

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Helping Your Parents Age at Home Safely

As they say, there is no other place like home. Wherever we go, we would always come back. If we are given a choice, we would choose to stay. Aging changes our life but staying at home can give them some peace of mind. When your senior parent has decided to stay at home, a … Continue reading

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Managing Stress by Identifying the Source

Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc. is your licensed provider of home health care in California. Our patients trust the consistent care we continuously deliver. Consistent home care service in La Mesa, California means reliable home care assistance and care management. This includes managing the overall welfare of our patients. At home, our senior family members may … Continue reading

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Social Isolation in Seniors During COVID Pandemic

Social isolation is a state of having few social relationships and infrequent social interaction with others. Loneliness is a subjective feeling of being isolated. Aging adults and seniors are the common groups that experience these. However, these issues are often underestimated. According to studies, in the United States, one-quarter of community-dwelling older adults are considered … Continue reading

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Unmistakable Signs It’s Time to Consider Home Care

If elderly family members prefer to live independently, there will likely come a time when they will require additional assistance to manage their daily tasks. For this reason, many people turn to a home care company to promote healthy aging at home. As a provider of home health care in California, we will share the … Continue reading

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Senior Adults Need to Have a Skincare Routine

Senior adults are more sensitive and susceptible to skin diseases and conditions than their younger counterparts. That is because aging skin is naturally dryer; they don’t produce natural oils like before. Without a proper skincare routine, your senior loved one may end up with a variety of problems with their skin. It is a given … Continue reading

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